Prague White Water Centre

    How to get there

    Don't know how to get to our white water centre? At this article we are offering to you few tips how to find us by car, public transportation or you can use virtual tour with online maps.

    You can use:

    • By car in Prague
    • from all part of Prague drive direction to ZOO
    • on the bridge called Barikadniků in Prague 7 turn to the right direction Troja, Zoo, from this point you should see road sign "Kanoisticky areal"
    • follow these signs as far as you can see Troja´s  castle surrounded  by high white wall on the left side
    • before Troja´s castle turn left toward the river
    • please park at visitor's parking place
    • walk upstream river approximately 700 m


    • By public transportation
    • by subway (line C) to station  "Nadrazi Holesovice"
    • ( tram is passing the river ) or by bus 112 to bus stop "Trojská" or "Kovárna"
    • walk back down to the river
    • then follow the river down-/upstream to the venue

    Maps with localization and directions

    Google map

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    Google Street View

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