Equipment rental

White water center Prague offers possibilty of rental white water gear and equipment

Rental in white water center

kayak, paddle and necesary gear 350 CZK/two hours
raft gear and paddle 200 CZK/two hours

Rental of water equipment 



  1 - 2 days 3 and more
Boats Plastic canoe, barrel included 180 160
Plastic kayak 150 130
Paddles Kayak 25 20
Canoe 20 15
Gear Long dry suit 100 70
Short neopren 40 30
Jacket 50 40
Life jacket 25 20
Helmet 20 15
Neopren shoes 50 40
Cover decks Neopren 50 35
cloth 25 20


You must repair or cover all damages caused on rented gear immedietaly upon returning as well as show that the gear is clen. Gear is provided free of charge for sudents of Charles University Faculty of Sport and Education but only during hours limited for lessons in Troja. Gear is only for personal usage, equipment must not to be rented to a third person.

This price list is valid from 1.1.2014 till repeal.